A week ago, after 15 solid months of working on my Silver Moves in the Field test, after practice, I literally had to drag myself to my vehicle. I was depressed with my practice and for the first time in 18 years of skating I asked myself, “Is this worth it?” That question both shocked and scared me at the same time. I have never doubted whether it was worth it or not to continue skating. I loved it so much. It never crossed my mind, up until a week ago that is. I was even dreading my lesson yesterday. But something magical seemed to happen and I cannot even tell you what that magic was. Everything that needed to click, clicked. I was focused and not afraid. For the first time since trying to learn these moves, I was able to run through the patterns and two of them that I could never get the flow of, I did. Those backward three turns are even starting to look like they are supposed to. My spiral sequence was done without stopping. It is the first time that has ever happened and my back cross-strokes, Wow! They were impressive. After my awesome coach helped me tweek the 8 step, I finally was able to process the information to my feet and I found I could actually make a noticable circle. In freestyle,  my scratch spin, finally looks like a scratch spin – though I am still working on adding more revolutions.

I guess you could say, for the first time in 18 years, I floated to my vehicle after practice and I finally felt like a “real skater.” When I finally do take this test, I know I will be ready for it. I don’t know what happened between last week and this. Perhaps it was the extra stretching, or the power walks, or the drinking more water, or the way I knew in my soul that there was no way I was going to quit. I am determined to be the best skater I can be and I say that for myself. I have my own goals and ambitions when it comes to skating. I do intend to compete here soon. But, my coach and I want to get more of these tests passed first and as of yesterday, I finally had the confidence and the hope that I wil soon pass the Silver Moves. Which all in all makes me want to try harder and to do what I need to do, to get myself into better health and fitness. I may be turning 55 next month, but I am still incredibly young at heart. I can do this and so can you. We just cannot quit. Because, Wow! What a difference a day or a week makes.

In conclusion, I MUST give a shout out to my A.C. my awesome coach. He is my shining star in all of this. I am so blessed that he accepted me as a student. He is kind, strong, an amazing coach and skater and he helps me to see my potential. We laugh together, cry together, we stopped trying together to just doing together. We are both looking forward to what the future holds for us, out there in the Adult Figure Skating world and all of the amazing opportunities that awaits. It’s a wonderful community to be a part of. I am indeed incredibly blessed by it and all of you!


Happy Skating,



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