Russia being banned from the Olympics…Wow! Although I do not understand all the “doping” charges…but to ban them, their flags, their anthems is downright cruel and in my opinion, will adversely affect the other countries competing.  Russia brings some of the best competitors to these games and without them, the spirit of competition will not be the same.

Only those who were caught “doping” should be banned and for only one season. But to take such drastic measures, it is like they are punishing Russia and not just for “doping.” Russian athletes are as previously stated, some of the best athletes in the world. It is unfair for some of them to have to register as “neutral.” What if they win? There will be no flag to salute, no anthem to sing…so very sad. What would be the point of the Olympics without the Russians? Sorry! But I think it will only be half of what it normally is.

The countless hours these athletes, or any athletes give to their sports is astonishing. To be denied the right to compete for their beloved country is heartbreaking! I am so sorry Russia!